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BOMAG BW 219 SINGLE DRUM ROLLERS: Cutting-edge Compaction Technology and Outstanding Productivity

Thursday, July 03, 2014

BOMAG BW 219 Single Drum Rollers is a market leader product unparalleled. This compaction tools utilize the latest technology to produce high productivity with low operating costs. Application BOMAG BW 219 Single Drum Rollers are for soil compaction in the construction of roads, parking lots, buildings, airports and dams.

This product is available with some models include, among others : D-series models, PD-series and H-series. D-series models with smooth drum suitable for compaction of sand, gravel, crushed stone, semi-cohesive soil. PD-series models with pad foot drums suitable for cohesive soils with a high water content. While the H-series model is suitable for compaction of soil on a steep slope.

This product is also multi-functional as possessed smooth drum can be converted into pad foot drum by adding components. This product is designed with a flexible model that match your requirements.


Powerful and efficient
This industry leading product that has an operating weight 19 tons, working width 2130 mm and a power engine with 201 Hp. Specifications BOMAG BW 219 Single Drum Rollers equipped ECOMODE drive system can save fuel up to 30 % without reducing power generated by the engine. If the accumulated savings made 20,000 liters in the period of 4 (four) years. Another advantage of the drive system are owned generating low noise levels making it environmentally friendly.

In addition, Anti-Slip Control (ASC) owned able to accurately control the power level of the drum and wheel properly so as to prevent the occurrence of slippage.


Vibration System Vario Contol
To maximize the results of compaction product comes with the latest technology vario control. As needed, when the operation is at a position close to sensitive buildings, the vario control will work with a low amplitude to minimize vibration. Conversely when it needs to operate in full force then vario control will produce more power output than normal conditions.


After Sales Service
In providing after sales services in addition to providing warranty unit for 1 (one) year, UT also provide guarantees or after-sales service, known as UT guaranteed product support to you for the purchase BOMAG BW 219 Single Drum Rollers.

By having outstanding performance, easy operation and favorable price, BOMAG BW 219 Single Drum Rollers are ready to accompany you in the face of increasingly fierce competition.

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