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TADANO CRANES: The Lifting Equipment for All purposes

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Masuo Tadano was the founder of Tadano Ltd. Who started his career as steel fabricator at Fujitsukacho, Takamatsu, Japan in 1919. In 1948, he founded Tadano Ltd. and set up the first manufacturing plant of cargo handling equipment, which later on expanded into various industrial equipment machineries. In 1955, Tadano introduced the first hydraulic truck crane named OC-2 with a capacity of 2 tonnage for the Japanese market. In 1960, Tadano successfully manufactured an export model of the hydraulic truck crane and put it on the indonesian market.

Tadano created its first overseas subsidiary in 1973. In the same year, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) was officialy appointed the authorized distributor of Tadano products in Indonesia. Since then, Tadano has been advancing along with UT and established a solid international position in the field of hydraulic cranes.

Type of Products
Mobile Cranes
Tadano mobile cranes are seld-propelled vehicles called carriers mounted with a hydraulic crane mechanism. There are three types of cranes : all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, and truck cranes. All terrain cranes (Tadano ATF model) are for large-scale development, with a maximum capacity of 50-400 tons, suitable for performing both on-road and off-road. Rough-terrain cranes (Tadano GR model) are compact and able to operate in narrow spaces with a capacity of 12-80 tons, for on/off road an very rough terrain operations. Truck cranes (Tadano GT Model) have outstanding traveling performance and maximum capacity of 55-80 tons.

Telescopic Crawler Cranes
Tadano Telecopic Crawler Cranes (Tadano GTC model) are crawler cranes equipped with telescoping boom. This type of machine is suitable for soft ground or muddy area conditions with a maximum capacity of 27-100 tons.

Cargo Cranes
Tadano cargo cranes (Tadano TM Model) are mounted on truck carriers which are used primarily for lifting materials on job sites, mostly operated in the oil and gas sectors. These truk-mounted cranes (sometimes called foco cranes in some countries) have a maximum capacity of 2.63- 18 tons.

Wide Coverage Application Area.
Tadano's products cover almost all sectors, but are particularly popular in the mining, construction, as well as oil and gas sectors.

In the mining sector, Tadano has proved to be very effective in maintenance, equipment assembly jobs and setting up facilities on mining sites. The most popular types in demand are the all-terrain crane, rough-terrain crane and cargo crane. In the construction sector, the Tadano truck crane and cargo crane are the most sought-after for infrastructure building operations.

In the oil and gas industry, Tadano products are used for operational support, pipe transport, well maintenance and facility set up. The product types include the rough-terrain crane, cargo crane, crawler crane, and even the big capacity all-all terain crane.

After Sales Support
Realizing the importance of after-sales service to maintain smooth machine operation, UT provides high quality spare parts and qualified tchnicians troughout our more than 35 branches and site-support offices scattered all over Indonesia. Our services include eqipment application consultations, intensive operator training, equipment maintenance as well as project evaluations.

To establish faster communication as well as to reach customers on a wider scope, UT also provides a 24-hour call centre service: UT Call, reachable at 021-500072.

In whatever sector our customers are based, UT always prioritizes quality and reliability in partnership. As the sole distributor of Tadani in Indonesia, we are commited to provide first-class products and after sales services that are safe, innovative and effective in meeting our customers's demand and expectations.

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