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United Tractors Releases e-Commerce for Heavy Equipment Parts

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jakarta – 15 January 2015

“KlikUT.com is the first e-commerce in Indonesia for heavy equipment parts. The site offers an easy and practical transaction experience.”

Facing the widespread phenomenon of online transactions in Indonesia today, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) has prepared a new breakthrough in online shopping for heavy equipment parts, titled klikUT.com.


klikUT.com is accessible via www.klikut.com in real time for 24 hours. The transactions can be done using communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, or laptop with the internet connection


It only takes a few minutes to conduct a transaction in klikUT.com that will save customers time and effort. Customer’s orders will be delivered directly by the expedition to the specified location.

There are three payment methods that are offered in klikUT.com; Permata Bank virtual transfer account, credit cards, and the heavy equipment financing facility provided by Permata Quick Cash.

By using this facility, customers will enjoy many benefits, such as information about the promotion programs and reward points system. For customers’ convenience, UT also provides four transaction options, as follows:

  1. Spareparts counter facility
  2. Telesales facility
  3. Online facility through klikUT.com
  4. Mobile store facility

With four options of heavy equipment parts transaction facilities, UT is commited to meet the needs of customers with the best service. For further information, please contact UT Call (area code) 500 072, 24-hours service.

klikUT.com, a simple and convenient solution.

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