heavy equipment
heavy equipment

Index Services Program

The objective of this program is to reduce owner's undercarriage maintenance costs. By continuous scheduled undercarriage checking, customer can predict the schedule of undercarriage maintenance. In a certain condition, some undercarriage component such as track-link, carrier/ track-roller and idler, can be rebuilt. It can reduce cost up to 60% compared to the cost of new components, with a guaranteed quality of 80% compared to new parts. 
This program consists of two steps :
• Inspection and measurement of undercarriage components such as track-links, roller arrears, rollers, front-idlers and sprockets 
• Wear analysis of undercarriage components in the form of track inspection report which contains detailed recommendations for undercarriage maintenance required to achieve maximum useful life. Rebuild is conducted using special equipment and operated by skilled personnel.

Professional maintenance of heavy equipment is not complete without a system to monitor every piece of equipment in operation. The objective is to determine the developments within any piece of equipment on a regular basis, in a terms of productivity, maintenance cost, equipment performance and also to obtain hourly costs, annual, monthly, daily, and even hourly production. By this way, equipment productivity and required actions can be determined. The program is carried-out by the customer himself while the method is established through consultation with the local office of United Tractors. Our Application Engineering department is continuously reviewing customer's equipment performance and is always ready to help to solve any field problems such as : 
1. Field administration and organization
2. Efficiency improvement
3. Field management implementation

One method of detecting the wearness of inner parts is through lubricant analysis. The program involves taking oil samples from heavy equipment, which has been in use for a particular period of time.
Each oil sample is analyzed in the laboratory to determine the types and quantities of metals contained in the oil to be able to estimate the degree of damage or wearness which has occurred.
The analysis is applied to heavy equipment components such as engine, transmission, differential, final drive, and hydraulic component. The analysis can also identify combustion problems in the engine, coolant or fuel leakage into the engine oil. Thus potentially fatal damage can be identified early before breakdown occurs. In addition, it can assist more economic maintenance planning thus reducing overall maintenance and repairment costs, and increasing productivity.
The analysis is conducted to international standards by oil-analysis specialists using the latest technology. The program is very straightforward and customers can directly contact their local United Tractors branches or representative offices for this service.

The objective of regular planned equipment inspections is to obtain accurate data on the condition of the equipment. This is measured using diagnostic instruments. Based on the obtained data, recommendations for necessary repairment are made in order to keep the equipment in prime condition. The data gathered is stored in an equipment management system which records equipment age and maintenance costs, assists the scheduling of part replacements and also acts as equipment history. 
Machine Inspection Program consists of three steps :

  1. Inspection of engine hydraulic system, chasis, tools and work equipment.
  2. Adjustment and Tuning during the machine inspection, to improve equipment system performance.
  3. Analysis of the resulting data and adjustments. The submitted reports will consist of :
  • Equipment condition report.
  • Undercarriage inspection report.
  • Report of tools and work equipment.
  • Analysis of maintenance costs (based on unit's condition), including details of spare parts and services required as well as necessary fabrication.
  • Maintenance recommendations to keep the equipment in good condition.
  • Report on the data produced by equipment inspection program and schedule of repairs which can be budgeted without having to wait for the machine to break down.
  • Experienced and special-trained mechanics carry-out all inspection and adjustments. The data obtained is stored in United Tractors database and analyzed by UT Technical Officer.

Any time the customer's equipment need repair and their mechanics are having difficulty, United Tractors is ready to dispatch a mechanic to assist the customer. Our maintenance package consists of maintenance contracts and service contracts for all products sold by United Tractors. For fleet-basis delivery, United Tractors provides Site Service Support, such as site organization development and operational support facilities.

Once a customer's equipment has been in operation for a number of years or after certain number of hours of operation have reached, reconditioning is required in order to restore equipment to its peak condition and productivity.
United Tractors workshop facilities are fully-equipped with dynamometers for the testing of engine horse power, hydraulic test benches, fuel pump calibrators, undercarriage rebuild and other evaluations. All of these services are offered to customers to ensure that their equipment will be returned with factory-standard quality.

Is a unique support from United Tractors to assist customer to achieve the operation target of their truck. The main objective of this TMS is to maintain high availability, utilization and high performance due to tire problem.
TMS is designed to provide customer with any basic tire maintenance including all parts, man power and materials for all scheduled maintenance, inspection, remove and install tire to assure the equipment are ready to go in very short time. This TMS is managed and operated by skilled and experienced UT mechanics.
This TMS can be combined with UT Pit Stop Management and UT Electrical Management Services to enhance the benefit of the customer.

Is a unique support from United Tractors to assist customer to achieve the operation target of their Truck. The main objective of this Pit Stop Management Services (PSM) is to maintain high availability, utilization and high performance due to schedule maintenance.
PSM is designed to provide customer with any basic preventive maintenance including all parts, man power and materials for all scheduled maintenance, inspection, and backlog management to assure the equipment are ready to go in very short time. This PSM is managed and operated by skilled and experienced UT mechanics.

We have more responsibility to fulfill our customer demand related to unit performance. That is why we build Fabrication and Remanufacturing Cylinder Center in Kalimantan area.
At Fabrication Center customer will have options to buy new cylinder or rebuilding them if they want to reducing cost.

Remanufacturing (abbreviated as Reman) is defined as the most sophisticated process for reviving the function, performance and durability of the components to the same level as the new ones by utilizing the advanced salvage techniques and the original manufacture's technologies. As a very QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) and ecology-oriented product, Reman offers several advantages:

1. Reman quality is targeted so that function, performance and durability would be the same as a new product.
2. Reman price is set at almost 40% of the new product price to reduce customer operational cost.
3. Reman is committed to maintain a high product availability on shelves, the same as ordinary spare parts, thereby enabling us to employ the Component Exchange System for minimizing equipment down time and maximizing equipment availability whenever customers needs it.
4. Reman component contributes to resource conservation and reduce waste by component reutilizing and recycling.

Training & Education

Align with the concept of Total Service, education and training program is aimed at developing the human resources' skills in heavy equipment operation and maintenance. Realizing that knowledge and practical skills are both essential for efficient equipment operation and maintenance, United Tractors has established a modern and well-equipped Technical Training where as much as 5000 participants per year can undergo effective training. The training facilities include various demo equipment, classrooms with up-to-date audio-visual equipment, and a testing area for operator training.

Our instructors and trainers are highly qualified and conversant with the latest developments in equipment operation and maintenance. A part from providing education and training for UT's internal requirements, the Technical Training is also open for customers to upgrade the knowledge and skills of their operators and supervisors.

Our training and educational programs are designed to satisfy customers requirement for trained personnel in the following areas :




  • Basic Machine System

  • Operation & Daily Maintenance

  • Machine Application & Production

  • Mechanical Awareness


Technical Supports Personnel


  • Basic Mechanic Course
  • Machine Preventive Maintenance
  • Component Remove & Install
  • Component Overhaul.
  • Machine Trouble Shooting.

Parts Crew


  • Basic Technical Course

  • Parts Inventory

  • Warehousing

  • Product Knowledge

  • Parts Commodity.

  • Undercarriage & GET


Field Supervisors


Technical Instruction


Project Managers


Maintenance Management