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The Construction Machinery business unit bearing the name of United Tractors plays the role as the leading and  largest distributor of heavy equipment in Indonesia. As the sole distributor of Komatsu, UD Trucks, Scania, Bomag, Tadano and Komatsu Forest, Construction Machinery offers heavy equipment products to cover works in mining, plantation, construction and forestry sector, as  well as for material handling and transportation.

By 1983, through its subsidiary PT United Tractors Pandu Engineering (“UTPE”), United Tractors entered into engineering and manufacturing of heavy equipment components. Later on, through Komatsu Remanufacturing Asia (“KRA”), which was established in 1997, and PT Universal Tekno Reksajaya (“UTR”), established in 2011, United Tractors also go into machine reconditioning services.

The Company established PT Andalan Multi Kencana (“AMK”) later in 2010 to distribute commodity parts. United Tractors also established several other subsidiaries to provide different types of products and services, including PT Bina Pertiwi (“BP”), which distributes and provides rental of Kubota farm tractors, Kubota and Komatsu generators, Komatsu mini excavators, and Komatsu forklifts. 

As a solution-driven company, aside from providing heavy equipment and spare-parts, United Tractors comprehensively provides the following services:

 • Field Consultation

• Optimum Fleet Recommendation

• Machine Inspection Program

• Heavy Equipment Monitoring Program

• Remanufacturing and Reconditioning

• Training for Mechanic and Operator

• UT Call 1500 072 (24/7 customer service center)

• Guaranteed Product Support

Engineering and manufacturing activities are managed by PT United Tractors Pandu Engineering (UTPE), renowned for its groundbreaking innovations. Initially UTPE only manufactured and assembled forklifts and produced various heavy equipment attachments. Today UTPE has become and engineering, manufacturing, and energy logistic company producing heavy equipments attachment for mining, oil and gas, forestry and plantation, industry and construction sectors. Anticipating the high demand for ancillary equipments, UTPE added one integrated industrial facility for small and medium vessels with painting and blasting system. UTPE also applies Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) to shorten lead-time production and to adapt customized products ordered by customers.

Maintaining its innovative stride, in 2011 UTPE launched various new products, including a variant of the latest HD vessel, HD1500-7, which has lighter weight and greater capacity. Other products include SST45 for bauxite mines, 12,000 watt giant tower lamp, as well as composting turner for forestry and plantation sectors.

PT Patria Maritime Lines (PML) was established by PT United Tractors Pandu Engineering (UTPE) at the end of 2008 and is engaging in coal transportation through rivers.

In 2011, in order to support river transportation of coal, UTPE established a subsidiary, PT Patria Maritime Industry (PAMI) for repair and ships maintenance.

In 2012, in order to further develop the coal transportation business, UTPE acquired PT Perkasa Melati  and changing its name to PT Patria Maritim Perkasa (PMP). PMP manufactures and repairs ships in Batam, Pekanbaru.

The Company met the heavy equipment market demand for high quality remanufacturing and reconditioning of heavy equipment engines and components through PT Komatsu Remanufacturing Asia (KRA) and PT Universal Tekno Reksajaya (UTR).

UTR now owns 8 (eight) plants in various areas, including in Balikpapan (4 locations), Jakarta, Pekanbaru, Sangatta and Timika. UTR Balikpapan Fabrication (for bucket, GET and blade remanufacturing) was launched in July 2013. UTR launched additional facilities in the same year, including the facilities for cylinder management system at UTR sub plant Adaro and development manufacturing component at UTR sub plant Banjarmasin. UTR has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certifications from SGS.


The Company provides commodity parts sales through its subsidiary, PT Andalan Multi Kencana (“AMK”). AMK was established in 2010 specifically provides the following products: filtration, GET and wear parts, tire, under carriage, lubricant and grease, optional, chemical & coolant, battery and electrical system, fluid connector system and hydraulic, attachment, industrial and marine generator sets, international standard parts, and under carriage truck.

The products are from renowned brands, including Fleetguard, Hensley, Parker, Graco, QTec, Bridgestone, Pirelli and Wiggins, aside from marketing its own local brands, including UTParts, Allmakes and HEO.

United Tractors distributes Kubota tractors to support agricultural activities, as well as Kubota generators, Komatsu generators, Scania generators, Komatsu forklifts, and Komatsu mini hydraulic excavators, through sales and lease by PT Bina Pertiwi (“BP”).

In line with its increasing competencies and market opportunities, BP has expanded its business by providing end-to-end solution services for use in various industrial sectors, agriculture, material handling, energy power-electricity supply, power solution infrastructure up to the telecommunications sector. In addition, BP also makes market penetration to the mining sector through the rental of small heavy equipment units.



heavy equipment
heavy equipment
heavy equipment
heavy equipment
heavy equipment

United Tractors proffers in a marketing philosophy that treats any heavy equipment unit supplied to any customer as an important investment. Whether it is a construction machine, dump truck, tractor, vibratory roller, etc., the Company will back up this substantial investment with the Total Service Concept, which underpins the vital yet flexible United Tractors' customer support.

Acknowledging the importance of parts knowledge and price competitiveness, the company also provides parts consultation at UT’s counter in all over Indonesia, component exchange program (PTA), undercarriage examination program (P2U) and special parts campaign. All of those programs will enable the customers to achieve the lowest life time cost per total output

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