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Most people would probably perceive the Company as a business entity that concentrates on heavy machineries for construction, and operational of mining activities. But we realize that in order to achieve sustainability and market leadership, our business presence must go beyond the provision of product and service. The Company has to be able to deliver value to our stakeholders, primarily those who are directly connected to our value chain, and widely to the general society.

This belief is embedded in the primary responsibility of the Company, as it must ensure its existence, in other words sustaining the ongoing operations. It goes without saying that the Company is supported by a wide range of stakeholders. Accordingly, the Company priority is to continue to supply products and services that satisfy our stakeholders, which comply with the laws and regulations of each region as well as considering the safety, health and environmental preservation. In addition, it is essential that our goals are to contribute to resolve the various challenges faced by the community and to global environmental issues through our core operations to achieve a sustainable society. The Company is dedicating its energy and efforts to support the country’s growing economy by providing machineries and services to the key industrial sector of the country, such as mining, agribusiness, forestry and infrastructure.
Moreover, as a part of our sustainability mission, the Company is working together with our principals to expand the range of eco-friendly machineries that have an enhanced environmental performance throughout the product life cycle, extending from materials and including transport, sales, operational use, maintenance, remanufacturing, and finally disposal. One of our eco-friendly products is hybrid machinery, which aims to conserve on energy and fuel usage during product operation. Furthermore, we provide assistance for our customers to increase their efficiency and productivity. Through Brand Management the Company provides services and integrated solutions that assist our customers to use resources more efficiently and to enhance productivity with consideration in minimizing social and environmental impacts.

Sustainability for the Company means leveraging technology and innovation to increase efficiency and productivity with less impact on the social and environment. And at the same time helping our customers do the same – enabling their businesses to become more productive by providing products, services and integrated solutions that use resources more efficiently. It’s all about finding the balance between our business ambition, environment preservation and social consciousness.


The Company realizes that our operations impact the economic, social and environment to local communities throughout our operations. We are engaged transparently with stakeholders in facilitating our ability to operate. in facilitating our ability to operate. The Company is collaboration with local communities to minimize adverse impacts and enhance beneficial opportunities.

The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision and mission is in line with Astra Catur Dharma Strategy. The Company’s vision is to give benefit for every stakeholder including the community where we operate. And the mission are to contribute to national prosperity and maintaining the balance of economic, social and environment to create a sustainable value added. 

We have interpreted the vision and mission into long term and short-term strategies. As our long-term strategies, our objectives are to be a Green Corporation, to create harmony with local communities, at the end we would like to improve the quality for life of the local community. We define our short-term strategies into five programs, are:

  • UTREES (United Tractors for Nature and Environment Sustainability): Environmental
  • UTFUTURE (United Tractors for Education and Bright Future) : Education
  • UTGROWTH (United tractors for Generating Opportunities and Wealth) : Community Economy Empowerment
  • UTCARE (United Tractors for Community Health Responsibility) : Community Health
  • UTACTION (United Tractors for Emergency Response and Action) : Emergency Response and Action



  • Planting 147,384 various types of trees - rain trees, fruit trees, albizia chinensis, tabebuia, mangrove, shorea, etc.
  • Constructing 3 climate village program (program kampung iklim / PROKLIM).
  • Reducing energy consumption by 12.67% (fuel); 1.02% (electricity).
  • Reducing emission by 5.96%.
  • Reducing water consumption by 27.95%.

The investment spent by the Company for Environmental programs in 2014 was Rp1.5 billion.


Human Resources, Health and Safety

  • Conducting various trainings both certification and non-certification programs for all levels to enhance the competence of all employees.
  • Regularly conducting performance review on all employees and assessed promotion opportunities for employees.
  • Creating comfortable working environment to minimize employee turnover ratio.
  • Conducting Employee Satisfaction Index and used the result as input to improve the quality of human capital management and to create favorable working environment.
  • Recruiting and preparing potential new employees for business development purposes.
  • Ensuring that OHS standard has been complied with and incorporated within all operational activities to minimize accidents at work.
  • Providing personal protective equipment and fire fighting tools.
  • Reducing the number of accidents that resulted in major and minor injuries.

The investment spent by the Company for Human Resources, Health and Safety programs in 2014 was Rp97.8 billion.


Community Development


  • Realization of education program by building school facilities and granting scholarship.
  • Implementing school assistance program “Sekolah Binaan United Tractors” (SOBAT) and partnering with over 600 schools in elementary school, junior high and senior high and vocational levels.
  • Developing 8 Adiwiyata School focussed on environmental based in software, brainware & hardware.
  • Developing and managing community learning center “Rumah Pintar” in 3 installations.
  • Sharing a total of 1,120 United Tractors Group teaching hours.

The investment spent by the Company for Education programs in 2014 was Rp7.1 billion.


Income Generating Activities

  • Pioneering and establishing 7 business incubators (LPB) with total 1,066 members consisting of farmers/micro entrepreneurs, which absorbed around 7,000 jobs.
  • Pioneering and establishing 7 Micro Financial Institution, which now caters to over 1,600 customers.
  • Managing and developing UT School. With 1,223 graduates in 2014, UT School now has a total of 9,239 alumni.

The investment spent by the Company for Income Generating Activity programs in 2014 was Rp3.9 billion.



  • Assisting 81 integrated health care post Posyandu consisted of Posyandu for mothers and children and Posyandu for the elderly.
  • Donating a total of 12,090 blood bags collected from the Company’s / Grup AHEME (Astra Heavy Equipment Mining & Energy)  offices.
  • Mobile Health or Mobil Kesehatan AHEME (MOKESA) program, that provides mobile health services to the public, in collaboration with the waste bank. In practice the community is required to reimburse the health service using inorganic waste.
  • Free medical treatment from the company for the community within the Company’s first ring. Until the end of December, the Company has conducted mass medical treatment for 2,604 peoples.
  • Improvement of health facilities supported by adequate infrastructure. The Company and customers help improve the health facilities that were considered under-developed in this case the health post Banitan village, Barito Kuala.

The investment spent by the Company for Health programs in 2014 was Rp1.9 billion.


Product and/ or Service Responsibility

Customer Service

  • Resolving all complaints from customers.
  • Conducting Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) survey to improve service and product quality.
  • Improving UT Call service quality.
  • Introducing innovative, eco-friendly products with reliable safety features.


  • Expanding the distribution of economic values.
  • Increasing contribution to the state through payment of mine retributions and taxes proportionally to company performance.
  • Stimulating local economy growth by providing opportunities to local suppliers and through compliance with local tax regulations.

The investment spent by the Company for Product and/ or Service Responsibility programs in 2014 was Rp8.2 billion.


Overall, the total amount invested by the Company in tahun 2014 for Corporate Social Responsibility programs was Rp120.5 billion.

heavy equipment
heavy equipment

For Nature and Environment Sustaninability

A platform program of all CSR activities involved in environmental focus to showcase the Company's care toward the stability of ecosystem and environmental recovery.

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heavy equipment

For Education and Bright Future

Increase integrated educational programs thus creating generations young generation who are full of potentials and talented.

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Community Health Responsibility

The Company’s commitment to improve health for all stakeholders

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heavy equipment

Generating Opportunities for Wealth

Focused on promoting the welfare of the community is implemented through an economy development program - Income Generating Activity (IGA).

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heavy equipment

For Emergency Response and Action

Development programs to help people cope with the emergency situation we actively participate in disaster response and recovery process, as well as providing social assistance to victims and affected areas.