Mining Contracting

The Company carries out its mining contracting business through PAMA. PAMA is a specialized contractor that provides comprehensive mining services to mining owners, assisting them with coal production to meet domestic and global demand.

PAMA delivers services that cover various aspects of mining production, starting from mine design, exploration, extraction, hauling, barging and transporting commodities. Mining services offered include:

  • Mining design and implementation
  • Preliminary assessment and feasibility studies
  • Construction of infrastructure and plant
  • Removal of overburden and waste management
  • Commercial production
  • Expansion of mine/plant
  • Reclamation and revegetation of land
  • Transshipment and marketing

PAMA’s operations are currently supported by several subsidiaries, namely PT Kalimantan Prima Persada (“KPP”) and PT Pama Indo Mining (“PIM”).

PAMA’s consistent performance in achieving customer targets through operational excellence has placed PAMA as one of the leading mining contractors in Indonesia with a significant market share as previous years (based on internal market research).

PAMA remarkably maintains business cooperation and relationships with the biggest coal producers in Indonesia, including PT Adaro Indonesia, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PT Indominco Mandiri, PT Kideco Jaya Agung, PT Kaltim Prima Coal, PT Jembayan Muarabara and will continue to maintain its quality of services for all of its customers.