United Tractors 2030
Sustainability Aspiration

We acknowledge that our operation affects, and is affected by, the environment. All business segments in our portfolio require energy and resources, as well as general waste and carbon emissions.

At United Tractors, we act responsibly towards our environment in line with Moving as One, as we are committed to sustainable practices and ESG implementation for a better future, including improving our disclosure on environmental footprints, impacts, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions and all other issues that represent substantial risks and opportunities for our stakeholders and shareholders.
  1. Reduce group-wide scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas by 30%
  2. 22% renewable energy to supply operations
  3. Water management refers to each business unit category
  4. Achieve 62% solid waste recycling and recovery
The broad social aspect of ESG is reflected in the relationships between United Tractors and its workforce, the societies in which it operates, and the sociodynamics environment. Supporting the social aspect of ESG is embedded in Moving as One. In line with One Spirit, one of our priorities is to nurture harmony with all stakeholders through employee engagement, community empowerment, customer satisfaction, and public relations.

In this sense, we can make a difference in trust, confidence, and effective stakeholder engagement. These are fundamental to support our objective: a portfolio transition as a sustainability path to improve people's livelihoods and quality of life.
  1. Champion actions to support employee diversity, equity, and inclusion
  2. Achieve group-wide zero workforce fatalities and LTI rate by 0.093
  3. Reach 750,000 people through our community development programs
As One Synergy in Moving as One, United Tractors is committed to synergizing for the country's growth by contributing to GCG and sustainable business practices. We continuously improve our internal systems, controls, and procedures to make effective decisions and effective compliance, identify long-term risks, their potential impact, and the company's mitigation efforts, as well as meet the needs of all stakeholders.

In line with our ESG implementation, we prioritize advancements in key governance areas: structure and oversight, code and values, and transparency and reporting. Several governance initiatives will focus on identifying sources of long-term value creation, developing related metrics, measuring impact, and transparently reporting our progress in alignment with global ESG frameworks.
  1. Increase our business resilience by growing non-coal revenues to 50%
  2. Champion actions that support board and executive leadership diversity and inclusion
  3. Continue to strengthen our corporate governance to international standards


PT United Tractors Tbk
Conservation of Biodiversity Policy



This policy is prepared by PT United Tractors Tbk (“the Company”) to ensure that each of the Company’s business activities prioritizes efforts to protect biodiversity in its operational area, in order to maintain harmonious sustainability between the environment, people and business activities.


In an effort to uphold the resilience of the overall ecosystem in the area of ​​business activities, the Company is committed to:

  • Prohibit exploration or resource extraction in World Heritage sites.
  • Consider the needs of surrounding community land access and biodiversity conservation.
  • Design and operate any new operations or changes to existing operations to be compatible with the biodiversity and ecosystem of the designated areas.
  • Apply the mitigation hierarchy to reduce negative impacts from operation activities on biodiversity and ecosystem.

This policy should be understood and implemented consistently by all employees, subsidiary entities and business partners who work for and on behalf of the Company according to their respective fields.

Jakarta, 29 November 2022
PT United Tractors Tbk

Program implementation of biodiversity conservation at subsidiary level of the Company can be accessed through the website of each subsidiary, among others: