Could you describe the work culture in UT, especially for the millenials?

UT provides great opportunities for young and millenials to join and self actualize with the company. UT’S work culture is friendly and dynamic, encouraging teamwork and professionalism.

What's the key success to pass the administration stage?

Read carefully and fill all required qualification. Only candidates who meet the qualifications will be invited to take the psychological test.

Could I apply for a position that is different from my fields?

Even though your field is different from the one proposed, we still open opportunities for applicants if they have previous work experience in the same field.

How long will the candidate be contacted after going through a selection stage?

We will contact the candidate for a maximum of 2 weeks from the previous selection stage.

Are final semester students allowed to register for vacancies?

Job vacancies are open to applicants who are still students in their final semester or just have a certificate of graduation.

Are there recruitments for D3 graduates?

Information about vacancies for D3 graduates can be checked at the official instagram account @career.ykbut.

What are the stages of the UT recruitment process?

The stages in UT recruitment are administrative selection, psychological testing, interviews and medical tests. Each stage applies a non-passing grade.

Does UT take part in campus job fairs in major cities in Indonesia?

UT often recruits through Job Fair on campus such as Job Fair at Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta, University of Indonesia, Parahyangan University, etc. The most updated Job Fair information that UT follows can be accessed through the instagram account @unitedtractors.career

If I don't pass the psychological test selection, can I apply and follow the recruitment process again?

For candidates who do not pass the psychological selection, they are allowed to apply and follow the recruitment process again after 1 year from the time of the last psychological test.

How do I get information about UT School recruitment?

Information about UT School student recruitment can be accessed through the Instagram account @utschoolinsani.

What is the maximum age for applying for a job at UT?

Depending on the vacancy being sought, generally for fresh graduate vacancies, we accept applications of candidates with maximum age of 26 years.

Are there any fees that must be paid to follow the UT recruitment process?

UT does not collect any fees in the entire recruitment process. Please notice us if there is a party that acts on behalf of UT and collect charges for the process.