United Tractors runs a coal mining concession business, namely thermal coal, coking coal, and gold. The coal mining business is run through its subsidiary, PT Tuah Turangga Agung (“TTA”). As the parent of the coal mining business unit, TTA holds ownership in a number of coal mining concessions with an estimated total reserve of 395 million tons (combined reserve) consisting of medium and high-quality coal.

Own concession over 9 (nine) coal mines in Kalimantan and Sumatra through its subsidiaries, namely PT Telen Orbit Prima (“TOP”), PT Agung Bara Prima (“ABP”), PT Bukit Enim Energi (“BEE”), PT Asmin Bara Bronang (“ABB”), PT Asmin Bara Jaan (“ABJ”), PT Duta Sejahtera (“DS”), PT Duta Nurcahya (“DN”), PT Piranti Jaya Utama (“PJU”) and PT Prima Multi Mineral (“PMM”).

TTA acquired 80.1% shares of PT.Suprabari Mapanindo Mineral (“SMM”), a coking coal concession company in Central Kalimantan. SMM is estimated to have coal reserve amounting to 68 million ton, 38 million ton of which has been confirmed as coking coal.

United Tractors through its subsidiary Danusa Tambang Nusantara (“DTN”) acquired 95% shares of PT Agincourt Resources (“PTAR”), a company engaged in the exploration, mining and processing of gold minerals in North Sumatra. DTN owns 95% of PTAR, while the remaining 5% is owned by the local government through PT Artha Nugraha Agung.

PTAR operates Martabe gold mine located in the South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, with an area of operations of 479 hectares. The construction of Martabe gold mine began in 2008 and the production commenced in 2012