UT Connect

UT Connect

United Tractors Connect (UT Connect) is a specialized application designed for United Tractors (UT) customers, offering easy access to heavy equipment maintenance services. Beyond its role as a digital interaction platform between customers and UT, this application allows you to order spare parts and monitor heavy equipment performance anytime, anywhere. Visit the UT Connect website or download the application today to experience the best services United Tractors has to offer.


Equipment Monitoring

Customers can see the status and condition of heavy equipment units operating, not operating, or units that have problems (unit caution). In addition, customers can also get information about Fuel Consumption, Working Hour operations, and Latest Unit Locations.

Order Tracking Spareparts

Customers can find out information related to spare parts transactions, including the availability of spare parts at the branch and the latest status of transactions processed to download transactions up to the last year.

Promotion Program

Customers can find information about attractive promo and discount programs for purchasing spare parts, service transactions, and unit purchases.

Periodical Service Reminder

Customers can easily manage the maintenance of heavy equipment units according to the due time for periodical service 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 HM and recommendations for spare parts.


Customers can easily monitor notifications for caution conditions in heavy equipment units and periodical service due on H-7, D-3, and D-1.

My Ticket

Customers can easily make mechanical reservations or submit other United Tractors services and provide feedback on these services.

Report Monthly Komtrax

Customers can easily see a summary of all unit performances, cautions, and periodical service planning for each Komatsu unit they have in one downloadable report.

Part Online Transaction

Customers can easily and quickly place orders for various types of UT spare parts and check availability and spare part prices in real-time.

Maintenance Management

Customers can easily view visualizations of machine performance data that include data retrieval, integration, and analytics capabilities tied together to increase the reliability and availability of physical assets.