Code of

Code of Conduct

United Tractors realizes that a company’s sustainability is strongly influenced by the company’s behavior as a corporate citizen. Therefore, from the beginning United Tractors has strengthened its intention to become a good corporate citizen (Good Corporate Citizen) who behaves and behaves in accordance with law, regulations and ethics, implements an effective management system, and provides benefits to the wider community. The Company chooses and conducts its business by taking into account moral and social norms and the interests of the general public.

In order to develop United Tractors as a Good Corporate Citizen, it is necessary to develop a code of conduct to be a guide for all United Tractors employees to behave and behave appropriately, namely the UT Code of Conduct. The UT Code of Conduct is compiled in reference to the Astra Code of Conduct which is based on Astra’s philosophy, Catur Dharma, in particular, the first and foremost value of Catur Dharma, namely Becoming a Property That Is Beneficial to the Nation and the Nation, by taking into account governance principles good corporate governance.

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