UT Call
1500 072

UT Call 1500 072

UTCall is a customer service center active 24 hours a week (24/7) to answer customer complaints and needs quickly, responsively, and professionally. UTCall provides heavy equipment information about periodic service guarantees, new services, and promotions for spare parts products to customers spread throughout Indonesia. With One Time Service Level and Service Level Resolution Ticket, UTCall ensures that all customer complaints and needs are resolved as soon as possible.

Type of UTCall Service :

  • Inbound
  • Telesupport
  • Telesales
  • E-Channel & Correspondent
  • Customer Handling
  • Service Advisor


Contact UTCall via:

  • Phone: 1500 072
  • Whatsapp: 08151-1500072
  • Email: utcall@unitedtractors.com
  • Instagram: @utcall1500072
  • Twitter: @utcall_1500072
  • Facebook: @utcall1500072
  • WebChat: www.utconnect.unitedtractors.com