Biodiversity is one of the important pillars of human life. Biodiversity provides important resources for agriculture, industry, fisheries and forestry. The richness and diversity of living things are also important for many important foods, medicines, and raw materials used by both traditional and local communities, as well as global consumers.

The National Development Planning Agency/ BAPPENAS (2003) states that biodiversity has several values, namely the value of existence, environmental services, heritage, choice, consumption, and production. The safety and health of ecosystems greatly affect human social relationships and provides environmental products and services that are critical to the well-being of human life in the present and future.



Biodiversity Management Strategic Plan

Concept Plan

PT United Tractors Tbk has several biodiversity protection conservation areas, namely:

  1. A rare flora and fauna conservation area in the Bogor Agricultural Institute Campus Forest (IPB) in the Ciapus River watershed with an area of 1 Ha
  2. 1.4 km long East Flood Canal (KBT) park area with an area of 39,000 m2
  3. Mangrove forests in Muara Tawar
  4. Mangrove conservation area at Pantai Indah Kapuk

Strategic Direction
2021 - 2025


Biodiversity Strategic Planning