Tuesday, October 13, 2015

On 13th of October at The Grand Ballroom UT-HO, United Tractors celebrated its 43rd anniversary. The anniversary celebration also marked as the closing event of UT’s Value Innovation Championship 2015. The event was attended by UT’s Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and the company’s founding fathers.  Highlights of the event was the announcement of Anugrah Adibrata 2015 winners.

With the theme ‘’Unyielding Determination!’’ the celebratory event emphasized the importance of positive thinking. President Director of United Tractors Gidion Hasan said ‘’UT’s 43rd anniversary is a momentum for us to strive and be persistent in facing business challenges.”  He also said in his speech that everyone needs to implement this in their everyday behaviour in order to anticipate the upcoming changes. The same message was also conveyed by Prijono Sugiarto the President Commissioner of UT and Teddy Rachmat, one of the founding fathers of United Tractors.

On this occasion, UT employees demonstrated their talents with duet, choir, dance, and also percussion performances. At the same time, the founding fathers took an office tour of the new building of UT Head Office. Upon the closing of the anniversary celebration, the event was continued with the announcement of the winner of Anugrah Adibrata 2015, for best innovations. There are five categories of innovations: INTIM, IMUT, I-BITE, INDI, and LISA. The event was closed by the announcement of Best Employee Championship 2015, an appreciation for the best performing employees.