About UT Museum Virtual

It’s been 50 years since United Tractors has been established in Indonesia. Many stories and characters were born as important part of United Tractors. Celebrating its golden anniversary, United Tractors presented UT Virtual Museum that immortalizes memories of the experiences and challenges faced by of the founding fathers and all those who have contributed from the inception of United Tractors until now.

During its development, UT Virtual Museum is inspired by the book of Bakti Kami Membangun Negeri and UT Annual Reports (1989-2021), which became the “soul” of this museum. Various images from the early days of the company’s establishment, the heyday, the downturn, the dreams of United Tractors are packaged with diverse content, ranging from photos and videos to 3D mockups. Not only retracing, the audience is invited to immerse in adventure and witness United Tractors’ current and future track record.

Developing this virtual museum is not easy. We have to find data and photos (as part of the narration) from thousands of collected documentation. We must ensure that every photo tells a story with proper validation. In addition, the most important thing is how to translate the “soul” of the book Bakti Kami Membangun Negeri and the Annual Reports into virtual content. Hopefully, this Virtual Museum could inspire the audience through its stories and be the pride of UT People.