About UT Museum Virtual

United Tractors celebrates 50 years of dedication to Indonesia. Throughout our history, countless stories and individuals have shaped our company’s legacy. To mark this golden anniversary, United Tractors presents the UT Virtual Museum, a testament to the experiences and challenges faced by our founding fathers and all who have contributed to UT’s journey.

The UT Virtual Museum draws its inspiration from the book “Bakti Kami Membangun Negeri” and UT Annual Reports (1989-2021). These documents formed the heart and soul of the museum, guiding our portrayal of the company’s earliest days, periods of success, moments of hardship, and enduring dreams. The museum features a diverse collection of photographs, videos, and 3D mockups, inviting visitors to experience United Tractors’ rich history and its future aspirations.

Creating the virtual museum was a meticulous process. We carefully sought data and photographs from thousands of collected documents to ensure each image told a compelling story with proper validation. Of utmost importance was translating the essence of “Bakti Kami Membangun Negeri” and the Annual Reports into an engaging virtual space. Our hope is that the UT Virtual Museum inspires its audience and becomes a source of pride for UT people.