Jakarta, November 8, 2023 – PT Energia Prima Nusantara (EPN), a subsidiary of PT United Tractors Tbk (UT), received its first award at the Stellar Workplace Award 2023. This recognition is presented to EPN for its commitment to enhancing employee well-being. The award ceremony was held at Hotel Le Méridien in Jakarta on September 8, 2023, and Sukendi, the Head of the Human Capital and General Services Department, presented the award.

Under the theme “New Gen Engagement & Branding,” this award aims to create a positive image in the value proposition to attract and develop young talent. In this occasion, EPN received the Stellar Workplace Recognition in Employee Commitment and Stellar Workplace Recognition in Employee Satisfaction categories. These awards were given to EPN for having a high employee commitment index in going the extra mile to contribute positively to the company. Furthermore, EPN was recognized for having a high employee job satisfaction index, with positive employee feedback regarding the company, colleagues, and customers.

Estiarty Haryani, the Head of the Planning and Development Agency at the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, emphasized that Indonesia’s demographic landscape is changing rapidly, with the working-age population (15-64 years) increasing and peaking in 2050.

“Indonesia’s demographic bonus makes it one of the countries with the largest workforce in Asia. However, at the same time, the dependency ratio is increasing due to the growing elderly population (age 65 and above). Additionally, low levels of education and productivity contribute to Indonesian workers’ relatively weak bargaining position. This presents a unique challenge for organizations in the future,” said Estiarty Haryani.

Today’s workplace is dominated by Generation Z, which is known for its flexibility. Therefore, EPN continues to adapt to create a comfortable environment for its employees. Work-life balance is crucial in the modern working world, allowing employees to balance work and personal life.

“This award further motivates EPN to improve the quality of the working environment that supports employee development. Effective leadership, clear guidance, conflict minimization, team motivation, and creating a harmonious work environment are all vital aspects,” said Sukendi, Head of the Human Capital and General Services Department.

Through this award, EPN reaffirms its commitment to creating a workplace that inspires, supports, and motivates employees to enhance business operations, productivity, and the achievement of targets.


About PT Energia Prima Nusantara

Established on February 28, 2014, the company initially focused on electricity supply integrated with coal mining and supporting infrastructure. The company owned and operated the PAMA-1 coal mining mouth power plant with a capacity of 2×15 MW in Kapuas Regency, Central Kalimantan. This power plant supplied electricity to the Mining Cluster Improvement Program (MCIP) of the PAMA Group within the Electricity Business Area (“WUK”) scheme. In 2018, the company transitioned to the Renewable Energy sector, providing rooftop solar panels systematically, developing Mini Hydro Power Plants (PLTMH), building transmission and distribution networks through PT Bina Pertiwi Energi, a subsidiary of EPN, and researching and developing Solar PV Mobile applications for light vehicles as part of the energy support system, among other renewable energy projects.

ESG at PT Energia Prima Nusantara

As a company in the electricity supply sector in Indonesia, we recognize the critical importance of environmental aspects in the energy business and are committed to providing environmentally friendly electricity. In support of our ESG program in the coal-fired power plant business, EPN has taken strategic steps to accelerate the implementation of Biomass Co-Firing by producing and blending woodchips and sawdust, amounting to 3% of the total fuel consumption (coal) used. This is an effort to reduce carbon emissions near the power plant. Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management follows the principles of 3R: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. One of the most significant waste management initiatives is the utilization of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash to produce economically valuable products such as concrete blocks and paving blocks. Meanwhile, EPN is accelerating other business streams with the extensive installation of ASTRA Group rooftop solar panels, with a pipeline of 89 MWp by 2025. EPN also operates the Cikopo Mini Hydro Power Plant in Garut with a capacity of 7.4 MW, the Tomasa Mini Hydro Power Plant in Central Sulawesi with a capacity of 10 MW, and the Yaentu Mini Hydro Power Plant in Central Sulawesi with a capacity of 10 MW. PT Arkora Hydro Tbk is currently building the Kukusan Mini Hydro Power Plant in Lampung with a capacity of 5.4 MW, targeted for completion in 2024. Additionally, through its subsidiary PT Bina Pertiwi Energi, the EPN group is constructing the Besai Kemu Mini Hydro Power Plant in Lampung with a capacity of 7 MW, targeting COD in Q-4 2023.


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