UT Held the 2022 SOBAT National Coordination Meeting to Improve the Quality of Education Programs in Fostered Schools

UT Held the 2022 SOBAT National Coordination Meeting to Improve the Quality of Education Programs in Fostered Schools

Hamdan Azis (UT School Director), Abdul Karim (East Kalimantan Province PSMK Supervisory Coordinator), F. Budi Santoso (Principal of SMKN 1 Semarang), Himawan Sutanto (SRCOM Department Head UT), Saryadi (Act Director of Mitras DUDI Kemendikbudristek)

Semarang, 6-8 June 2022 – To support improving the quality of vocational education and link & match with the industrial world as well as create a young generation who are ready to work and have independent character, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) held the National Coordination Meeting of UT Fostered Schools (RAKORNAS SOBAT) which was attended offline by 73 vocational schools and 6 polytechnics/vocational schools, as well as more than 300 participants attended online which was held on 6 – 8 June 2022 at SMK Negeri 1 Semarang. The event was attended by the Acting Director of Mitras DUDI-Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek), Head of the East Kalimantan Education and Culture Office, Coordinator of East Kalimantan Vocational High School Supervisors, Principal of SMKN 1 Semarang, SRCOM Manager, and Director of UT School.

The agenda for the webinar and sharing sessions that were delivered were on the theme of education, The Spirit to Reduce Plastics, Innovation & Inspiration Talk, Work Industry Culture, Work Continuing Education, and Entrepreneurship then continued with a discussion between UT and the Fostered Schools, closed by the socialization of the E-Catalog of the products sold by UT.

Abdul Karim (East Kalimantan Province PSMK Supervisory Coordinator) tried VR preventive maintenance of heavy equipment and a photo session of the 2022 RAKORNAS SOBAT participants

In addition to webinars and discussions, there was also an exhibition of Virtual Reality products, the Electric Simulator created by UT School team, launching SOBAT products such as SOBAT digital platform, SOBAT Competition, photo, videos and posters competition, as well as the socialization of the Module Making competition and Learning Media.

The implementation of the SOBAT National Coordination Meeting is based on the alignment of the vision and mission of the UT CSR Program with the Forested Schools, increasing collaboration with the Industry, and as an event for the 2022 SOBAT Roadshow. “We hope that the 2022 RAKORNAS SOBAT can be mutually synergistic and collaborative entities in dealing with problems in the world of vocational education, so that SOBAT can become a barometer of link & match programs in Indonesia.,” said Budi, Principal of SMK Negeri 1 Semarang.

The SOBAT National Coordination Meeting also invited speakers, including Dr. Asep Taryana, S.TP, MM. Lecturer of the Business School of IPB University, Kus Ani Andayani, ST, M.Ed as Analyst for student development in the secondary education sector at the Puspresnas Vocational School, Herlambang as Program Manager for Vocational Development, PT Astra International Tbk, Teguh Setiono as President Director of PT Kamaju, Galih Akup S from UT School, Robi Tubagus Y from LSP ABI, Aditya Supriyadi (SOD), Rahmad Hedarto (Corporate University UT), Singih (CST), and Syamsudi Arifin (Head of SMK PGRI 2 Ponorogo).

UT and PAMA Contribute to Disaster Management and Recovery Program in Wini Village, Kafamenanu District, North Central Timor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

UT and PAMA Contribute to Disaster Management and Recovery Program in Wini Village, Kafamenanu District, North Central Timor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

Tri Rismaharini (Minister of Social Affairs), Edhie Sarwono (Director of UT) and Ari Sutrisno (Director of PAMA) at signing of the Memorandum of understanding

Jakarta, June 3, 2022. In line with 2022 Indonesia G20 Presidency Pillars, namely Strengthening the Partnership Environment and one of the strategic steps to develop 3T (the most front, Outer, and disadvantaged) Regions, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) and PT Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA) had a meeting with the Ministry of Social Affairs to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Disaster Management Assistance Program in Wini Village, Kafamenanu District, North Central Timor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

The MOU was signed by Edhie Sarwono (Director of UT), Ari Sutrisno (Director of PAMA), and Raden Rasman (Director of Social Potential and Resources at the Ministry of Social Affairs).

Ari Sutrisno (Director of PAMA) received an appreciation symboilcally given by Tri Rismaharini (Minister of Social Affairs)

UT provided grant of 1 (one) heavy equipment unit of Komatsu PC210-10M0 Excavator, and PAMA provided grant of 1 (one) unit of Health Polyclinic and community center equipment facilities, all were symbolically presented to Tri Rismaharini as Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

This MOU signing is the first step to assist the development of vulnerable regions, to enabling its economic movement. It is hoped that the established partnership would achieve sustainable goals, especially in areas in need.

United Tractors at a Glance

PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) which is known as the largest heavy equipment distributor in Indonesia has become a public company and has been established since 1972. Currently UT has grown and has six business pillars, namely Construction Machinery, Mining Contracting, Coal Mining, Gold Mining , Construction and Energy Industry. As UT’s commitment to realizing ESG implementation and contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development targets (SDGs), UT consistently implements social responsibility programs in the fields of education, health, environment, community economic development and disaster emergency response.


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Aditya Bagus Arfan Officially Holds as FIDE Master

Aditya Bagus Arfan Officially Holds as FIDE Master

Jakarta – May 23, 2022. Aditya Bagus Arfan, one of talented chess athletes fostered by UT through UT Inspiring Youth program, has officially held FIDE Master title from International Chess Federation as applied by  PB Percasi. Adit’s rating has exceeded 2300 in February 2022 after winning the SCUA Rated tournament with a perfect score of 9 points from 9 rounds, therefore increased his rating by 84 points from 2235 to 2319.

On May 24–29 2022, supported by UT, Adit departed to Vietnam to pursue a higher title by competing 9 rounds in Hanoi IM Tournament at Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Center. In the tournament, Adit will compete agaisnt GM, IM, FM and WIM titled chess players from India, the Philippines, Ukraine and the host Vietnam.

To collect his first IM Norma, Adit needs 7 points. Although challenging, Adit who has been long time trained by GM Andrei Kovalev, has shown promising progress. Let’s support Adit to deliver his best performance and be the pride of Indonesia in international scene.

UT Successfully Held a Hybrid Student Competency Competition in 2022

UT Successfully Held a Hybrid Student Competency Competition in 2022

Participants, lecturers and committee of the 2022 Student Competency Competition (LKS)

Semarang, May 23rd-24th 2022 is a historic day for the Heavy Equipment Engineering Department of Vocational High Schools in the Central Java, for succeeding to conduct Student Competency Competition (LKS) at province level in hybrid (combined offline and online) for the first time. This event was carried out in collaboration between PT United Tractors Tbk, the Government Office for Education, and UT Fostered Vocational Schools (SOBAT).

For this 30th edition of the LKS Heavy Equipment Engineering competition, Central Java MKKS appointed SMK Negeri 1 Semarang as the organizing committee and the com ries for competition were Robi Tubagus Yuni, SPd, MT from LSP ABI who conducted the assessment onsite/offline, as well as Galih Akup Subekti, SPd, MT, and Setyo Hadi SPd, MT from UT School Jakarta who conducted the assessment online.

This year’s Heavy Equipment class LKS was attended by 5 SMKs from all over Central Java, namely SMKN 1 Semarang, SMKN 1 Gondang Sragen, SMK Maarif NU 1 Sumpiyuh, SMK Kesuma Margoyoso Pati, and SMK Warga Surakarta. The assigned juries for competition were Robi Tubagus Yuni, SPd, MT from LSP ABI who conducted the assessment onsite/offline, as well as Galih Akup Subekti, SPd, MT, and Setyo Hadi SPd, MT from UT School Jakarta who conducted the assessment online.

Participants of the 2022 Student Competency Competition (LKS)

There are three sections in this year’s worksheet that were assessed, namely Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) on the PC195 excavator unit, Measuring Engine Component, and Troubleshooting Starting & Charging System, all three sections carried out by 2 students in 1 team from each participating school. 

On May 30, 2022, the announcement of the winners was delivered simultaneously online for the 50 fields that were competed in the 30th LKS through live streaming YouTube channel of Central Java Provincial Education Office. SMKN 1 Semarang came out as the first winner of the Heavy Equipment Engineering competition, SMK Kesuma Margoyoso Pati as the second winner, and SMK Maarif NU 1 Sumpiyuh as the third winner.

SMKN 1 Semarang is entitled to receive education grant and trophy from the Central Java Provincial Education Office. Furthermore, as the first winner, SMKN 1 Semarang also earned the right to represent Central Java in National Level competition which will be held in October, supported by UT and UT School.

UT Conducted Training for Posyandu Cadres “Srikandi Lestari” to Support Reducing Stunting Prevalence

UT Conducted Training for Posyandu Cadres “Srikandi Lestari” to Support Reducing Stunting Prevalence

Jakarta, May 18th 2022The inaugural Srikandi Lestari training session was held via online by PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) as part of its Health CSR initiative (UTCARE). Himawan Sutanto as UT Management representative, and dr. Dani Ferdian, M.K.M., SP. KKLP, as resource person, attended the event.

The Srikandi Lestari Program aims to improve the capacity of Posyandu Cadres to become more skilled, instructive, and inspiring as Posyandu supervisors. Up to 25 selected Posyandu cadres attended  this training and will attend four other training sessions focused on enhancing Posyandu materials. Srikandi Lestari Cadres will train other cadres in the area around their Posyandu, including Posyandu that have not  been fostered by UT.

UT intends to promote the health of Indonesian mothers and children by assisting the government in lowering stunting prevalence through the Srikandi Lestari program, which aims to increase the capacity of fostered Posyandu Cadres and the quality of Posyandu services.