The award presentation to the winners (left photo). The organization of the National Student Skills Competition (Lomba Kompetensi Siswa or LKS) in Heavy Equipment Technology (Teknik Alat Berat or TAB) at SMKN 5 Surabaya.

The award presentation to the winners (left photo). The organization of the National Student Skills Competition (Lomba Kompetensi Siswa or LKS) in Heavy Equipment Technology (Teknik Alat Berat or TAB) at SMKN 5 Surabaya.

Jakarta, October 29, 2023 – PT United Tractors Tbk (UT), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek RI) through the Indonesian Talent Development Center (Balai Pengembangan Talenta Indonesia or BPTI) organized the National Student Skills Competition (LKS) 2023. This collaboration aims to support vocational school students in advancing their competencies in heavy machinery, preparing them to enter the workforce and the industrial sector, and improving their entrepreneurial skills to reduce unemployment rates in vocational education in Indonesia.

The competition is part of UT’s commitment to sustainability through its CSR program in education (UTFUTURE) through implementing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects. The competition was held at SMKN 5 Surabaya from October 23 to October 29, 2023. The winners are determined based on the students’ competencies in diagnosing and repairing heavy machinery and their ability to apply safety standards while working.

“This collaboration is UT’s commitment to conduct sustainable business practices by positively contributing to enhancing competencies in the field of education. UT hopes that through this competition, we can create outstanding generations ready to compete in the business and industrial world,” said Himawan Sutanto, CSR Manager at UT.

In this year’s LKS, there are 47 competition categories within six groups, including Construction, Building Technology and Agribusiness, Creative Arts and Fashion, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Tourism, Social and Individual Services, and Transportation. The competition involves 178 vocational schools from 17 provinces in Indonesia.

The National Student Skills Competition (LKS) was first held in 1992 in Malang, featuring various competition categories. This competition has been held 30 times, but until 2021, there was no competition for Heavy Equipment Technology. As a company operating in the heavy machinery sector, UT has pioneered the organization of the Heavy Equipment Technology competition since 2022.

On the other hand, this activity is UT’s contribution to Indonesian society by making innovation an important cultural practice. Through this competition, UT encourages and implements the President’s directions for achieving economic transformation supported by industrial downstream by building dynamic, productive, skilled, knowledgeable, and technologically savvy human resources supported by industrial collaboration and global talent.

Through the organization of this competition, UT hopes to provide a platform to realize the creative ideas of vocational school students and to have a positive impact on improving the performance and competencies of vocational school students, creating highly competitive, innovative, and resilient human resources.



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As a world-class heavy equipment, mining, and energy company with more than 50 years of experience in Indonesia, UT is committed to presenting a sustainable future for Indonesia through the effective application of ESG principles by paying attention to the environment, having a good impact on society, and upholding good corporate governance. good corporate governance at all levels of its business operations and optimizing its competencies, expertise, and strategic assets to bring added value to all stakeholders and the Indonesian people.

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