Jakarta, November 5th,2022 – PT United Tractors Tbk (UT), in collaboration with UT Health Management held a health webinar with the theme “Beware of Acute Kidney Failure in Children” as a response to the increasing number of children with acute kidney failure. This activity aims to increase understanding and awareness of acute kidney failure and straighten out hoax news in the community about the disease.  

This seminar was part of the health CSR program called UTCARE (United Tractors for Community Health Responsibility), which is the Company’s commitment to realizing sustainability and positive contribution to society through the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).  

In its implementation, the webinar was conducted online by inviting two expert speakers, namely dr. Fitria Mahrunnisa M.Sc., a Pediatrician from Brawijaya Hospital Jakarta, and apt. Rurynta Ferly Shavira, M.Farm, a pharmacist who is also a lecturer at UIN Jakarta. This event provides education and detailed information related to acute kidney failure cases, including signs and symptoms, causes of the disease, how to cure it, and an explanation of the number of cases in Indonesia.

“75% of patients with acute kidney failure are children aged 0 to 5 years. This is because a child’s kidney size is very small, which is 5 cm, so when a small wound appears, it will have a major effect on kidney function. Therefore, prevention efforts are prioritized through vaccination and maintaining hygiene,” said dr. Fitria Mahrunnisa M.Sc., Sp.A.   “In handling cases of kidney failure, it is better to buy medicine through official places such as pharmacies, hospitals, health centers, and online stores that already have a license for the Electronic Pharmacy System Operation (PSEF). In addition, we need to be aware to check the packaging, labels, marketing permits regularly, and drugs expiration period, ” said apt Rurynta Ferly Shavira, M.Farm.  

With the increasing cases of acute kidney failure in Indonesia, UT carried out the event, as a forum for the public to increase and encourages people to be more vigilant to prevent kidney failure.  

“We highly understand the importance of safeguarding the future for the nation’s successors by avoiding cases of acute kidney failure that occur in children. With this collaboration, it is hoped that it can provide health benefits to create a better future for Indonesian children,” said Erika Pratiwi, Environment, Health & Safety Department Head of UT.  

This event was attended by 100 participants consisting of AHEMCE employees and their families, Posyandu Health Cadres, assisted Youth Health Cadres, Teachers & Students of UT Targeted Schools (SOBAT), and the public. It is hoped that this event can help increase the understanding of the importance of maintaining health to improve the health and welfare of Indonesian families.

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PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) which is known as the largest heavy equipment distributor in Indonesia has been established since 1972. Currently, UT has grown and has six business pillars, namely Construction Machinery, Mining Contracting, Coal Mining, Gold Mining, Construction Industry and Energy. As it’s contributions to the achievement of the Sustainable Development targets (SDGs). UT consistently carries out activities to uphold sustainability.

ESG United Tractors

As a world-class heavy equipment, mining and energy company with more than 50 years of experience in Indonesia, UT is committed to presenting a sustainable future for Indonesia through the effective application of ESG principles by paying attention to the environment, having a good impact on society, and upholding good corporate governance. good corporate governance at all levels of its business operations, as well as optimizing its competencies, expertise, and strategic assets to bring added value to all stakeholders and the Indonesian people.


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