Jakarta, April 21st,2023 – Raden Ajeng Kartini (Kartini), one of Indonesia’s National Heroes who pioneered the emancipation of indigenous women. She left a deep meaning for women in Indonesia through various inspiring thoughts, writings, ways of life, and struggles. After the Kartini era, many female figures were born with the same passion and struggled as Kartini, who was known by the public.

PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) has a modern Kartini figure, Haryati, who Head of D’Shafa’s Women Farmers Group (KWT). This farmer group is UT’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) MSMEs, which is highly enthusiastic about working and contributing to the surrounding environment by developing hydroponic plants. In addition, KWT D’Shafa also facilitates the education of students, university students, and academics by utilizing D’Shafa’s greenhouse as a place to conduct research.

Haryati has initiated various programs to empower women since 2018 when the green alley competition was held. The green alley competition is an event to improve the quality of the environment with the hope of fulfilling food availability. With the capital from income when she became a Cadre for Larva Monitoring (Jumantik), Haryati invited the community around RW 05, Malakasari sub-district, Duren Sawit District, East Jakarta, to reforest the alley by preparing several plants for cultivation and hydroponics.

“UT continues to be committed to deliver a positive contribution through efforts create food security and empower community independence, especially women. This is in line with UT’s Triple-P Roadmap strategy, namely Portfolio, People, and Public Contribution Roadmap, to provide full support in improving community welfare,” said Himawan Sutanto, CSR Manager UT.

Haryati is a modern Kartini figure who never gives up and is passionate about empowering women to be independent. She actively invites the local community in her environment, especially women, to use vacant space for crop cultivation and construct hydroponics and greenhouses. Through his consistency, Haryati succeeded in empowering women by having a positive impact on increasing their income.


United Tractors’ Overview

PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) which is known as the largest heavy equipment distributor in Indonesia has been established since 1972. Currently, UT has grown and has six business pillars, namely Construction Machinery, Mining Contracting, Coal Mining, Gold Mining, Construction Industry, and Energy. As its contributions to the achievement of Sustainable Development targets (SDGs). UT consistently carries out activities to uphold sustainability.

ESG United Tractors

As a world-class heavy equipment, mining and energy company with more than 50 years of experience in Indonesia, UT is committed to presenting a sustainable future for Indonesia through the effective application of ESG principles by paying attention to the environment, having a good impact on society, and upholding good corporate governance. good corporate governance at all levels of its business operations, as well as optimizing its competencies, expertise, and strategic assets to bring added value to all stakeholders and the Indonesian people.

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