Jakarta – Saturday, April 23rd 2022, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) through the Health CSR program (UTCARE) in collaboration with the Education CSR program (UTFUTURE), conducted the inauguration of the 2022 UT Youth Movement (UTYM) health ambassadors’ organization. This activity was carried out through online webinar themed “The Role of Youth Health Cadres in Improving Health Rate”.

The purpose of this inauguration was to officiate the UTYM organization structure for 2022- 2023 as the forum to foster, develop and abridge the role of youth ambassadors/counsellors in schools and societies. By this inauguration, UTYM ambassadors are encouraged to optimize their leadership competencies in the organization.

This activity was held post- completion of four sessions of UTYM Community Strengthening soft skill training program from February to April 2022. The event was attended by Himawan Sutanto as the Head of SRCOM Department and doctor Inti Mujiati, MKM, as Head of Working Team for Children and Youth , Ministry of Health.

In May 2022, UTYM ambassadors will collaborate with  students of Faculty of Medicine, Padjajaran University and obtain trainings from specialist doctors through Health Heroes Project. With the inauguration of 2022 UTYM organization and its activities, UT hopes to increase the enthusiasm and role of UT health ambassadors of  SOBAT in improving the health rate among Indonesian youth, which is the key to accelerate Indonesia’s education and health development.