Komjen Pol. (Purn) Drs. Nanan Soekarna

Komjen Pol. (Purn) Drs. Nanan Soekarna

Independent Commissioner

Indonesian citizen, currently domiciled in Jakarta.

He is a retired Indonesian National Police officer with the last rank as Commissioner General of Police. Graduated from the Police Academy in 1978, the College of Police Science (PTIK) in 1986, SESPIMPOL in 1995, SESKOGAB in 1999 and LEMHANNAS in 2005.

Appointed as Independent Commissioner of the Company since April 2015 based on the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

He serves as Chairman of the Company’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee.
Currently also serves as Independent Commissioner at PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk (previously PT BW Plantation Tbk).

He started his career as Dan Unit Patko Sabhara Polda Metro Jaya in 1979 and was later assigned to several police units in several parts of Indonesia. Previously served as Wakapolda Metro Jaya (2003-2004), Kapolda West Kalimantan (2004-2006), Kapolri Social Political Expert Staff (2006-2008), Kapolda North Sumatra (2008-2009), Inspector General Supervision of Police (2009-2011) and Deputy Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia (2011-2013). Also part of UN peacekeeping forces, including UNTAG in Namibia, South Africa, in 1990 and UNTAC in Cambodia in 1992; as well as attending various police training and seminars abroad.

No affiliated relationship with other members of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors.